Not feeling like yourself, is something holding you back, have unexplained pain?

Are you ready to live a more fulfilled, joy filled life?

Do you want:Trapped in a bottle

  • to feel Alive and Joyous?
  • to have Peace in your Heart?
  • to heal from chronic pain with no apparent cause?
  • to get ahead, or out of the rut?
  • to stop repeating patterns of behaviour or self denial?
  • to get rid of baggage?
  • to eliminate the same instant response to irritation, upset or "things that go wrong'?
  • to rid your dog or horse of an unusual or disturbing behaviour pattern?


PAIN is the soul and body's way of telling you something is wrong and help is needed.

Each and every one of us has experienced upsetting events. Sometimes our conscious minds say we have dismissed the energy  surrounding an event and we start thinking about something else. Our bodies, however, may not have finished processing the energy and it therefore remains trapped inside as an unbalanced energy.

Our environment bombards us every day with dictates about how we should think and what we should believe. We create internal beliefs, which are energies, that can cause us to not live fulfilled lives. These beliefs can be identified and changed, opening the pathway to improved health and happiness as well.

Energies trapped in your body can cause depression and/or anxiety, they can block you from love and happiness and make you feel disconnected from others, they can cause acute and/or chronic pain and if they are not released, may eventually cause disease.

People often sense that they have energy and/or emotional issues, but don’t know how Snopping Dogto get past them. The feelings that seem to be in their way are often due to their trapped energies. They are usually amazed to find out that their problems often consists of discrete energies that are trapped somewhere in their body, hiding in spots that cause disruption. They are even more amazed to see how easily these energies can be found and removed or re-balanced and by how different they feel when they are freed from them.

As a Holistic Health Intuitive, CECP, and a Certified Life Purpose Coach, I am able to locate, identify, release and free you from the negative energies that are stuck inside. Call me today to start your path toward a better life.

In addition, my horse partners are also amazing therapists.