Health through Horses

Our passion is partnering with horses to help people find peace in their hearts; to and restore their lives, happiness and harmony.

Our horse partners

Without peace in your heart life is hard, with rare moments of the true happiness and joy which is our birthright. A heart in turmoil brings with it emotional despair, illness and pain, keeping people stuck in the belief that they “just have to live with it”. Nothing is further from the truth.

People want to improve their health and lives but they often don’t know where to start. They are often stuck, believing that there is no way out, but there is. We believe that for people to truly embrace peace in their hearts, they need to feel safe enough to look inside, where they will find the power and strength to heal.   We help people do just that.

Nature intended us to be happy, to have our bodies and minds whole and healthy. Everyone is capable of a vibrant healthy and joyful life, and it should be easy.  We want to help people break through the armor that they have created to protect their hearts and minds.  We want to help people live their dreams of happiness.

Horses do not judge. Horses reflect what is happening inside a person. They react honestly to a person’s state of being and can be a symbol of what is happening in their life. Horses allow a person to break through many barriers quickly and effectively. Horses do not reveal your secrets to anyone other than you. Horses are amazing.

 Horses help people change their lives and circumstances by connecting in a powerful and meaningful way.  Horses are the mirrors that actually show us who we are and what our problems are. They allow us the freedom and courage to look deep inside to find the root cause of our unhappiness and anger.

Horses are mystical and soulfully powerful, especially horses that have lived less than ideal lives themselves. Our horses are rescued horses that we have rehabilitated. They help people learn about themselves. Their hearts are pure and powerful.

People with horses are often say that they do not need to pay a therapist, their horse is their therapist. Horses are miraculous therapists.

We have a remarkable group of people who have embarked on this journey, and share this passion to help.  This is done on the ground so no riding is involved, and no experience with horses is needed.

Explore the highly personal, private and safe process of interacting with the horses, reach the core of your being, find balance, happiness and peace in your heart.