What are trapped energies and how do we get them?

emotional baggage

Each and every one of us has experienced events that have caused us to have reactions, often strong emotional reactions. Sometimes our conscious minds say we have dispensed with the energy surrounding an event and we move on. Our bodies, however, may not have finished processing the energy and it therefore remains trapped and hidden in the body.

This  energy vibrates at a different frequency than the rest of the cells in the body and has a negative effect. This different frequency can, over time, cause a disruption in the normal functioning of the cells surrounding the trapped energy. This disruption can lead to any of a number of problems, from pain to dis-ease, from blockages in the normal functioning of the body to blockages in how your life is progressing.

There are several different provenances for trapped energies:

  • direct
  • absorbed
  • inherited
  • preconception (often referred to as a past life)
  • psychic trauma (where two or three emotions are trapped at the same time)Flying Dove
  • heart-walls and other limiting walls
  • addictive heart energy
  • other organ system walls
  • deceptive mind energy
  • other “egos”

During times of intense emotional pain or stress, your heart can experience “heartache” and “heartbreak.” Sometimes, the subconscious mind believes we need to put up a “wall” around our heart to protect it from being damaged. This is called a Heart-wall. Trapped Emotions are the most accessible energy hanging around the body, so the mind will use this as its “building material.” This may indeed help protect the heart but it leaves us literally trapped in our own heart space and living and feeling life through a wall of negative emotional energy.

For those that believe in past lives, and even for those that do not believe in past lives, there are old soul energies in this world that do not properly belong here. They long to return to God, (the Light, the Source, the Creator, the Universe, the Higher Power).

These old soul energies have trapped emotions which prevent them from ascending. They are desperate for someone to recognize that they need help to clear these trapped  energies. To do this they attach themselves to a living soul, a host, and create situations that demand attention, starting subtly but with increasing volume until they are recognized.

This volume can increase to the point of severe illness, physical or mental or emotional or spiritual.

Without help to release the trapped emotion in the old energy, the host for this energy will suffer from maladies, usually from birth, that have no true diagnosis or explanation.

When the old soul energy has its trapped emotions released, and both it and the host say “Goodbye”, the old soul energy leaves the host’s body, the host feels an immediate difference, usually a sense of lightness, or sometimes emptiness and loss followed by relief.

It is an amazing thing to watch the virtually instant change in the host.