What clients have written to me

Body and coloursMy last treatment was a weird one!!!!! What I can tell you for sure is I don't cry at the thought of […] anymore and just now I tested it out and sang "The Gambler" on on-line karaoke! I sing a lot of online karaoke and have NEVER been able to get through that one without turning into a puddle. I had a bad week this week, felt like I was losing it (divorce is not any easy thing) but kept it together in the end. This is mentally the strongest I have been since I was probably two years old!! I'm sure it changes things for me in many ways but the way that I see things, I'm happy to just have the happy parts of […]. And ya, still not depressed. And ya, I'll think up something good to write! I'm feeling a lot overwhelmed with things write now and just want to focus on this divorce being finalized (I need a mortgage which shouldn't be a problem but is one) and then I want you to work on my son. See you soon [PJ]

The Emotion Code......I have an older Gelding who was diagnosed with cancer on his sheath. Trying to figure out what I could do for him other than the topical treatment with side effects the vet had me using. I was told about Patricia German. Trish took a photo of Pride and worked her magic. He had a lot of trapped emotion from past and present that attributed to his diagnosis. I made the choice not to use the chemo on him. I am finding that his tumor is changing in size. It is shrinking, I am so happy with the outcome, I would recommend this to everyone. You will really have a good understanding of what traumatic accidents and emotional trauma can do to our animals and to our own bodies. Showing him a positive attitude and a positive out look toward him is what will manifest and I know that he will be around for a lot of years yet. Happy Happy Happyl Thanks very much to Trish for helping me understand and see beyond.. 🙂 [SK]

Hey Trish......I wanted to let you know how Pride is doing. I am just amazed at how his tumor/cancer has changed on his sheath. I stopped his topical kemo cream, well before Christmas. I ask the Universe like you said every night to help him. I have been doing small Reiki treatments on him almost every night. It has gotten a lot smaller as if it's drying up. I am so pleased. Will you let me know if he should have the emotional code done again, and if so when. He has also been attuned to Reiki and he was very excepting and responsive toward it. I just know he will be around for a lot of years yet to enjoy. I am a very,very happy girl. Thanks Trish talk soon. [SK]

Hi Patricia,

I want to thank you for the wonderful visit and treatment yesterday. I felt like I also had an animal therapy session(s) 🙂 It was lovely to be surrounded by so many four-leggeds.

I continue to feel more peace in my abdomen which is wonderful. Last night on the way home I wanted a wholesome meal like my Mom used to cook and a weird desire to watch The Carol Burnett Show. Ha ha…funny eh. I felt tired last evening and went to bed around 9 pm. I slept like a baby and woke up remembering a dream of graduating from university/college. We were all leaving the school premises and had gathered at a type of crossroads with mailboxes. I was helping people find their lost items. This dream is really significant though as a marker for a deep change. Since I graduated college in 1985 I have had ongoing dreams of moving into residence and about finding my way to my classes for the first time. We are talking about a dream I have been having for nearly 30 years and last night in this same dream I graduated… wow I should be a doctor of everything by now being in school for thirty years! Thank you for being the catalyst to get me to this point.

Another interesting item to tell you about this morning was looking in the mirror this morning getting ready was like looking at someone I don't know. I am different now and I have to get to know me.

What magical work. thank you Patricia [MN]

Lol Bub wouldn't nap until really late, after he fell asleep he napped until daddy had to wake him up.
Daddy goes up and asks him "did you have a good nap" Bub answered "yes" then pulled the blankets back up and nestled back in like he was going back to sleep. Daddy says "no no you're getting up" Bub tells him "Nooooooo"
He's slowly been answering simple yes/no questions and having short conversations lately but that was the longest discussion yet! He was crabby while I was out shooting and visiting Apollo but after I got home his mood improved some.
The rest of my day was amazing.
Thank you again! I think, thanks to you, we're turning a corner. 🙂 [DP]

Hi Patricia,

Great ! I am impressed and happy.
Exactly, the boyfriend did to her Mom what you wrote. They frequented just about a year, she was 7 (as you mentioned). Nobody liked this guy.

It’s exact as well that she has been hurt at school grade 3, she was 8. She told me what it was said to her ……. I remember, it was sad. I listened to her and I tried to help with her feelings.

Asthma? No, but it’s interesting, she has been exposed to secondhand smoke and still her mother smokes. At 6 y.o. [she] came to me crying and she said to me she was afraid that her mother has a heart attack because she smokes. I said No to secure her and asked her who said that? ...I informed her mother about her fear..

I agree there are more issues and trapped emotions to clear also at a low age..
I did not mention you the diagnosis referred to as ……..

I will let you know as soon as I have new development. [DL]

I just wanted to let you know that […] and the staff who work with the dogs have seen a difference in the four dogs you have worked on. Chester, has apparently had the most change noticed, […] said "he seemed like a different dog." The other three have had small changes but noticeable none the less. [Local animal shelter]